About Dream Write Publishing

Dream Write Publishing Ltd. was incorporated in the province of Alberta on July 22, 2010 with its head office located in Sherwood Park AB. Although its primary mandate was to encourage and promote local authors, the far reaching aspects of the Internet, social media, and word-of-mouth, make this company global in its aspirations. Dream Write Publishing is dedicated to those who are passionate about the written word. Our vision, to promote and aid Canadian writers in a professional manner while establishing an Alberta-based publishing company with an ongoing mandate to encourage and support emerging writers, was met head on by publishing over ten new authors over the course of our first two years in business. Our company objectives have expanded to  include providing services to established authors and publishing the stories of organizations and groups. 

Considering communication is key in any business and sharing information is based on this communication, Dream Write Publishing services are beneficial to anyone with a need to publish and distribute words - individuals, businesses, organizations... all need to express their thoughts and ideas, products and services, through published words, whether in print or online.

The company not only promotes authors and their books, we also have options for businesses and organizations to share their company and member stories.

Everyone has a story - what's yours?


Dream Write Publishing is proud to be part of a vibrant cultural community, Strathcona County. This specialized rural/urban municipality has a population of just over 92,000 and is located east of the Alberta capital of Edmonton.

The principle/owner of Dream Write Publishing, Linda J. Pedley, was born and raised in Edmonton. Her family moved to Sherwood Park in 1972 where she attended, and graduated from, Salisbury Composite High. After attending the University of Alberta and shuffling about, she and her daughter make Sherwood Park home. As one of the six founding members of the The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, Linda's connection to the community has grown with a commitment to this group and its members over the past 10 years. The continual success and community acceptance of this writer's group is telltale of the type of steady, forward momentum required for building any creative foundation. Association with groups such as this has brought Linda and Dream Write Publishing into contact with many wonderful people. Writers, with a passion for words and a desire to be published in one way or another, helped establish a local base for the work of Dream Write Publishing.  

"Never let anyone discourage your dreams or persuade you to change your style or voice as a writer. As an artist - literary, visual or otherwise - you harbor a creative spirit within and it's yours alone."

Be true to the creative spirit within - live your dream and write your story.