So, you have decided to have your manuscript published. Is it that easy? No.

Initally you submit your work to Dream Write Publishing for consideration. It follows this general process:

  • manuscript review and written assessment
  • offer to publish or advise options
  • negotiate terms of publishing agreement
  • an agreement is signed
  • enters editing process
  • author input for approval
  • book layout and cover design
  • author input for approval
  • goes to press
  • DWP proofreads and approves galley proof
  • goes to print
  • books received and distributed
  • electronic copies of your manuscript are stored on DWP back ups
  • print PDF copy of your manuscript negotiable
  • any CDs or USB files are returned to author

At no time does the author lose their copyright. All projects are reviewed on an individual basis for possible acquisition by Dream Write Publishing.

Dream Write Publishing is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta - to view our details follow the link @ Google Maps:



Consultations are booked by "appointment only." Please use the contact us form on this site to provide your contact information and we will be in touch to set up a date that works for both of us. We are booking evening (except Tuesday) and weekend appointments, anytime. 

Dream Write Publishing was incorporated in the province of Alberta in July 2010. Principle/owner, Linda J. Pedley, brings to the company many years of education and experience as an employee, supervisor, manager, and business owner. She is current member, director, and one of the co-founders of the award winning Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, established as a society in 2005 in Sherwood Park, Alberta. In 2011, Ms. Pedley received the Pride of Strathcona award in the category of Arts, Culture & Heritage for her contribution to the industry in her community.  

Dream Write Publishing works with authors to promote their books locally through community and special events, through libraries and schools, and via personal and business contacts & social networks. Of course, "locally" refers to our immediate physical location of Strathcona County and the greater Edmonton area. Authors from outside our physical location, who sign with Dream Write Publishing, have the advantage of an added locale - their own community and it is expected that the author will promote their own book "locally," too. To reach a larger market, Dream Write Publishing uses various social media platforms including this web site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other online book and publisher listings. There are ways to limit the cost required to promote a book and using those inexpensive advertising outlets increases the amount of return an author will see from the sale of their book. Putting books in local stores is often perceived as the desired "success" because it is tangible to many people and there is the chance of increased physical sales. The downfall is, of course, the number of books out there and the cost for distribution using the brick-and-mortar selling points - all stores want their share of the sale. The industry norm for independent bookstores is 40% of the cover price. This "cost of sale" comes off the top before the split is made for payment of royalties. There are benefits to selling through a program that employs various means but it really depends what an author finds comfortable and their own definition of success. To some, just holding their book is THE ultimate reward. The rest, they say, is gravy.  

Yes. Dream Write Publishing sets up a royalty payment based on the details of each project and in consideration for that project will pay royalties to an author. A T-5 is issued to an author reporting earnings of each year. 

Standard royalties in the printed book publishing industry are 6 - 10% - Dream Write Publishing will pay higher than the industry standard. The actual percentage is discussed with each author during the consultation process or is provided in the written manuscript assessment. It is not uncommon to expect a minimum of 15 - 20%  as a Dream Write Publishing author. Artists may also receive a share of a book percentage based on the overall content of a book.

To submit your written work for consideration please use the following guidelines:

  • Required: Full manuscript in proper, readable format - either printed paper copy via mail or a word document via online submission or email (DropBox can be used for large files); or send file on USB stick.
  • Required: Manuscript Review fee, either via cheque for mailed submissions, or with PayPal payment if electronic. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay online.
  • Required: All contact information necessary for Dream Write Publishing to respond to the submission - include a SASE if you require confirmation that we received your submission, or a request for an email confirmation.
  • Required: An author bio and, upon signing a publishing agreement Dream Write Publishing, we will require a head shtot of the author for insertion on the Author's page, and for marketing and promotion.
  • Submission of your manuscript for reading and review does not guarantee acceptance of your work for publishing. Authors will be contacted with the results via the Manuscript Review. Please allow six to eight weeks for mail and email submissions. If you book an in-office author consultation, you will be advised within two to four weeks.
  • If your work is being considered we reserve the right to request further input from the author to make our decision.

Anyone writing a novel who expects to have it published will incur fees - reviews, edits and rewrites, illustrations, cover and book design, marketing and promotion, printing, etc... Authors are encouraged to research funding opportunities through cultural grants and awards.

Dream Write Publishing offers all services to writers, authors, businesses, and organizations who are looking to publish their words. General fees apply to everyone, like the manuscript review or publishing agreement fee, and others apply to whatever services you require for your work, such as editing, illustrations, etc. Each project is considered on its own merits and you are advised regarding any fees that apply to your project during the author consulation or in the written manuscript review. You can access services easily through this link: 


Keep in mind - if you don't require services you are not charged. An edited manuscript will be accepted for submission but is assessed during the manuscript review. Authors who are also illustrators can submit their drawings to be used with their written text. If you have a cover design, we can work with you.Talk to us - each project is considered individually. 


Dream Write Publishing considers all projects and all writers, whether they have been published before, or not. Everyone deserves a chance to explore their publishing dreams and we will review all projects on an individual basis, either through the email/mail submission process or after an in-office author consultation. Your choice. We will not offer a blanket statement that covers everyone. Every project and person is unique and we want to explore the opportunities for each writer based on those qualities.

No. Dream Write Publishing prides itself on working on the author's behalf to make their writing and publishing journey as successful as possible. We will endeavour to give you the best service and product possible, in line with the project, as discussed in the initial author consultation and as agreed in the publishing agreement.

Without an agent, you will keep more of the profits and the accolades of being a published author! If you choose to work with an agent, we will certainly accommodate your consultation to include them, but we will not negotiate through the agent to get a "better deal." We are offering our potential clients the best possible deal based on our publishing program. We would encourage a writer to "shop around" to find out what is out there. We will be here when you get back.

Dream Write Publishing offers a publishing agreement to a writer who decides to utilize our services to bring their words to life. We will ensure that all areas of the agreement are explained and discussed so that both parties are "on the same page" and all components of the process are understood. You are under no obligation to sign with our company even if you have submitted work and the fee for consideration. Once we have an agreement, though, Dream Write Publishing always works with your best interests in mind. When the first run of your book is complete (and sold to within 10% of the initial stock), you are under no obligation to continue with our company - although, we will make it our goal you will want to! If a big publishing house makes you an offer, Dream Write Publishing will shake your hand, congratulate you, and be very pleased that we might have had some small part in your publishing success.

Our contract is not bogged down with legal jargon but contains standard agreement components to protect you and our company. Ask for a copy after your author consultation.

NaNoWriMo is the short of it although there is no "short" in writing a novel in a month. The long of it is "National Novel Writing Month" and you can see the details and read all about it on their web site. Many authors use this annual "crazy word event" to kick start their upcoming year with a new WIP (work in progress...) to be edited and, eventually, published. Click here to be redirected to "wild word abandon."