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Updated: October 2012

Dream Write Publishing Ltd.

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Sherwood Park Alberta T8A 5L7 Canada

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Manuscript review and assessment - our initial assessment includes reading and discussion on the content and the work in general. We will pre-assess for needed editing or necessary rewrites. Your submission to us should include a query letter or short writer's bio, your manuscript and the reading fee of $350.00 + GST. The project is reviewed and we will consider not only the marketable value of your submission but the quality of the work provided. If you are able to take advantage of our in-office author consultation we can discuss many things that are not possible with a posted consideration - the first hour is free. Your idea must be original and not a copy of something already out there. If we agree to take on your project you must sign a publishing agreement with us. If we cannot take on your project for any reason, after reading the initial submission, or if you decide not to go ahead with an agreement after our initial assessment and discussion, we will refund $100 to you with a written summation of the manuscript and recommendations for the author to consider. If your work does not fit our company mandate and we choose not to read it or consider it for publication - we will refund your fee to you.

Editing and Proofreading - our editors will work with you to make a quality product while respecting your hard work and content. We are able to provide editing contract services and will discuss costs with an author who is interested in that service. You may work with your own editor. If, during the manuscript assessment, it is discovered that your work still requires edits, you will be advised.

Design and Layout - we will ensure your book looks good before going to the printer and we will review the proof with you if there are questions - your input matters! Are you considering self-publishing? Do you require help getting your book ready for the printer? We can offer our layout and design services for $50.00 per hour to get that manuscript set just right - this will not include our brand or any other publishing services but helps the writer who desires a format ready file for the printing of a self-published book.

Illustration and cover design - our contracted artists work with you to add illustrations to the book and collaborate to produce the best cover possible for your work - the author is encouraged to provide as many details as possible or photographs, ideas, suggestions when we are working on the first draft of the cover. We will provide a layout for discussion and proceed to create the best cover for your book. Basic cover design is included in the book publishing agreement and artwork is taken from illustrations (in the case of children's books) or from in-house designs. We will discuss costs with an author who is interested in covers that involve special effects such as gloss, embossing, or other specialized services. All projects are viewed on an individual basis because of the variation in requests - color, pencil drawings, many, few, large, small, detailed, basic, children's book, technical drawings, etc. There are too many to put a blanket price on. We also offer just cover art for those of you who are looking to self-publish but need a great jacket to put it in. Minimum charge $450.00 - the total is cost dependent upon requirements and special requests.

Branding - Your book, with a publishing agreement, will carry the Dream Write Publishing logo and will have an assigned ISBN and bar code. QR codes may be used, as well. Copies of your book will be sent to the Canadian Library Archives on your behalf. If you want services that don't involve Dream Write Publishing taking delivery of your book, we can provide consulting services to help you discover your own branding process. If this is the route you wish to go, we are happy to provide consultation, information, and direction for the self-marketing author for $30.00 per hour - to help you on your book promotion journey.

Marketing and Promotion - a plan will be discussed with each author on a project to project basis in order to give the book the coverage required to gain exposure and create sales. We will help with setting up social media accounts and have connections to awesome web sites to promote, you, the author. Promoting the book will be a collaborative effort to maximize sales potential - no guarantee is made regarding distribution, coverage, or sales. We will discuss the various options and work with the author to fit exposure to their vision and personality.

Printer and artist liaison - our connection with quality contractors will ensure that the best product possible will have your name on it - we coordinate every job so authors don't have to worry about meeting with printers, artists, or other contractors required to publish your book.

Distribution - when orders are received for your book, we will aid in getting them out to where they need to be. Services are included in the cost when a book agreement is signed, on a project to project basis; however, royalty payments will be adjusted to reflect the varying distribution costs on sales, including commissions charged to put your book onto big store shelves. Our goal is to maximize the sales potential using outlets that charge a smaller commission - exposure is the up side of store sales but % earnings are affected by that type of marketing.

Sales - All sales go through Dream Write Publishing: when we take delivery of your books we process the orders received and get them to where they have to go. Our e-commerce enabled web site generates an effective online sales outlet using PayPal; we also have Point-of-Sale processing and accept all methods of payment at events and at the Dream Write Publishing office. Orders may be requested via Purchase Order and are invoiced. If an author sets up their own events or wants books to sell at a workshop or reading, units received are tracked on the income summary as "author books" and royalties paid are based on that sales method. 

Royalty payments  - Dream Write Publishing provides a higher than industry standard royalty payment - this will be discussed with an author during the consultation process or provided in the written assessment. We want you to be successful on your writing journey and it is important to produce quality literary products - yes, we want to make money, but not at the expense of the author. We want you to be satisfied with our service and make money, too. Royalty payments will be made to an author on a quarterly basis, depending upon sales, with the first payment within 60 days of receiving the initial book shipment.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide answers.

Email us at dreamwrite10@hotmail.com or call us to make an consultation appointment.