Working with Dream Write Publishing

During our initial consultation with prospective clients, we ask the writer/author a series of questions intent on creating an open discussion. This one-on-one meeting helps to determine the underlying reason, or reasons, for wanting to publish a book. During this dialogue many things can be revealed if all parties are honest with their responses. It would be easy, at this point, to disguise the real reason for publishing your work but in the long run it does nothing to further the working relationship Dream Write Publishing attempts to establish with the writer. It is not about pretending who you want to be or become because we are not able to cater to the assumed expectations you have if there are underlying desires we know nothing about. There are also those expected outcomes that might be impossible to obtain. We really have no intention on deceiving you and certainly don’t want to disappoint.

To determine our fit as a cooperative unit, there must be similar goals and the probability of success toward that end. If your focus is on becoming a best-selling author with an eye on the number one spot on the New York Times Best Sellers List and large advances with perpetual royalty cheques... well, we may have an issue. Not that that scenario, in whole or in part, is beyond the realm of worldly possibilities. It has to considered, however, as being just beyond the real expectations of working with a small, independent publisher. We do want you to succeed but if money is your motivator it might be best to hang onto that hope of landing your manuscript in the hands of a big publisher who has the resources to put you where you are initially expecting to belong.

But, if your main goal is to be published and see your name on the cover of a book you wrote and helped produce, there is great potential for mutual success. With a partnership – Dream Write Publishing and you, the author – there is an attitude and passion that is hard to replace. Of course, sales are the secondary hope of publishing your book because if there are no sales then no one is reading your work and that is an important aspect of putting your work out there. You have a story to tell.

It would be fair at this point to reciprocate the question to Dream Write Publishing so that you can get a feel for the reasons behind our company direction. What motivates Dream Write Publishing to publish certain work and not others?

An initial reason lies in the obvious differences between Dream Write Publishing and big publishing companies – most don’t work with new authors or with authors who don’t have an agent representing them. This is not the case with Dream Write Publishing as our commitment to encouraging emerging writers is a motivator in accepting work that might not be considered by big publishers. Further, we want to establish our program as one that replaces an author’s need for an agent because we work for the writer and consider their rights first. We want to come to be known as the publisher who cares and works as a partner in publishing and promoting you and your work.

Do you have a story to tell? Have you been told your story is not marketable? Are you uncertain you have a story worthy of sharing? Do you require one-on-one coaching? Consider a consultation to explore the possibilities. Live your dream, write your story, we can help publish it.

**Note: in the same token there are stories Dream Write Publishing will endeavour to publish when no one else will, there are also those stories or acquisitions Dream Write Publishing won’t publish or seek.