Cover Art 1


A vibrant cover attracts your readers and draws interest from those who might not see your book among the millions of books out there in the published market. Whether on a shelf in the bookstore, on a reading event table, or in the pages of the Internet, a cover is the first thing that attracts a reader, that is, until you develop a following - then your name will draw your fans but you still need an attractive cover on which to display it proudly.   

Covers vary in style and lay-out; they may be striking black and white or vibrant colors; they may be muted and delicately decorated; they might be bold and exotic, or down home warm. A cover invites your reader into the story and sets an image in their mind evident within the pages of your book. It tells a story. It intrigues and perhaps draws curiosity.

You have a vision for your work and an equally appealing vision for its cover is required. Dream Write Publishing will discuss and share our way of putting that vision to paper for you.


  • Black and white
  • Full color process
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Hand drawn artwork
  • Computer design generations
  • Choice of font
Price: $450.00