Logo Design

What does your brand say about you?

Do you need a logo for your business or for a writing project? Are you working on branding your author image?

Dream Write Publishing will discuss the details of your project with you and from your input come up with 3 basic design ideas for you to consider. From there, we will direct the design to the final version for you based on your likes and dislikes from the 3 options.

Our artwork is computer generated, handdrawn, or a combination of both to render a workable file. We produce a file larger than required to increase detail and allow for reduction without loss of definition.

A logo adds to the marketing continuity of your business by branding it - making it easy to identify. Personal branding lends to the same recognition for artists and authors who are creating a series of products and is recommended for self-publishing, if you choose to go that route.


Price: $275.00