Bloodlines by Karen Probert - a searching story of past lives
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Hannah’s trips to an archaeological site in Chile lead to a deeper examination of her own family’s history. Will time away from the family she is building create a stronger bond or will her efforts succumb to events of the past?
Delving into Jonathan’s family history to expose the secrets they keep, may create more problems than it solves—especially for his grandmother who is set in her beliefs and determined in her ways.
Join Hannah and Jonathan on their journey together through life and family as they discover where they came from and where they are going.
The author creates intriguing plot lines and believable, likable characters, who will encourage you to discover who you are, too.
"The short story that got away from me..." author Karen Probert strays from her two previous short story collections to bring this heartfelt novella of family relationships and discovery. Released Fall 2018 at Words in the Park, Sherwood Park AB. 
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