They Came Again

They Came Again by Nurmi Simm
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Alien packs herded small groups of humans into a holding area near the edge of the ruined city. It was a blasted field of no buildings but much rubble. People stood or sat or lay down where they could. More people were added, and in a few days these survivors comprised a sizeable herd of hundreds. They were dirty and ragged, some were injured. There was no food or water, and the weather was hot. Children cried, babies wailed, and men cursed. A large number of snarling Aliens encircled the trapped humans and waited.
On an Earth devastated by Aliens and patrolled by Aliens, survival was hard. It was nearly impossible to
produce food; finding food became increasingly difficult. Domestic animals were consumed without being replaced and wild animals were soon hunted nearly to extinction. Competition for food became remorseless. Survival was all that mattered.
A Story of Survival in a Post-Alien World...
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