Manuscript Review & Assessment

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If you have a book manuscript in the works and are considering the next step, send your work to Dream Write Publishing for review and assessment. Our initial reading will assess the content of your work and determine its fit in the company's publishing program. Your submission, to be considered, should include a query letter outlining the direction you have for your writing and the expectations you have from publishing. Include a short writer's bio and/or resume - don't worry - if you have not yet been published, Dream Write Publishing will definitely consider your work. Our mandate is to support emerging writers and help them into the world of being a published author. If this is the case, please indicate your efforts to get published and the dreams you have for being published.

Our full scope written assessment will include:

  • Review and comments about the work from a reader's point of view
  • Recommendations, tips and tricks, to make the work more publishable from an editor's point of view 
  • Highlight good and not so good points about the story, the writing, word usage, etc. 
  • Provide direction on required steps to ensure the work is up to publishing standards 
  • Suggest options to consider working with Dream Write Publishing 
  • Timeline and other necessary things to consider before publishing 

Fees must accompany the submission of a manuscript in order to be considered. Our review of manuscripts ensures we know exactly what we are publishing and gives us a chance to see your work to determine its fit for our program. This selection process is what sets us apart from self-publishing and aligns us with other independent publishers and large publishing houses. By placing our brand on the book, we insure we represent quality work and maintain integrity throughout the publishing process.

Payment through the web site is required for assessment of your work - you can mail both together to the mailing address indicated OR pay on line and submit your work as a file upload through our contact us form.

See our Publishing Agreement service tab for more information on the process with Dream Write Publishing.  

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