Publishing Agreement

Publishing Agreement
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The Dream Write Publishing (company) agreement is written to protect the author and considers their ownership of the creative work submitted for publication. The company is committed to a thorough review of the agreement with each author so there is a collective understanding of its terms and conditions. You don't need an agent to represent you (and charge for those services) and you don't need a lawyer to interpret the meaning (and charge for those services) - we have designed our program  and agreements so you are always considered first. Yes, we are a business and we charge for our services. Yes, we are in business to make money. Our success, however, is tied to your success, and therefore if you don't succeed, neither do we!

Detailed schedules and invoices are provided to clarify the work and project requirements; they will vary in content and cost, project to project. Our Publishing Agreement includes:

  • Layout and book design
  • ISBN, Barcode, and Library Archives registry
  • Contract Liaison with editors, artists, press and POD platforms, booksellers
  • Social media (basic) and web site promotion, including an author page on the Dream Write Publishing site
  • Proofreading pre-press submission and post-press galley
  • Royalty payments with semi-annual/annual sales summaries; annual T5 reporting slips


Dream Write Publishing works to distribute published work to stores, libraries, and schools; we suggest a wider promotion through Internet social media outlets and through personal and business networking. We support local events and will represent our authors and their books at appropriate venues. We support the publishing industry in whatever way we can and contribute to a vibrant industry where new and established authors are recognized. In saying that, we also want authors to see a maximum return on investment, so we limit the number of outlets who charge upwards of 40% off the cover price. Dream Write Publishing also suggests competitions to the author when a venue fits the author's work. 

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